How to Read a Centrifugal Pump Curve

If you are new to pumps and fluid processing, reading a pump curve can be a daunting and confusing task. Then just when you think you understand curves, you realize that different types of pumps (centrifugal, positive displacement, air operated diaphragm…) have different types of curves as well. In this post, we’ll break down the anatomy of a centrifugal pump curve.

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Walchem EWN-R Metering Pump

Walchem EWN-R Metering Pump

The EWN-R Series electronic metering pumps offer superior high speed dosing capability with more standard features. The flexibility of the EWN-R pump enables it be integrated into virtually any chemical feed application using a universal-voltage, digital controller with an expanded set of control features.

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Pulsation Dampeners Prevent Costly Damage

300 w PVC unit PDS thumbnail

Plast-O-Matic Series PDS Pulsation Dampeners are a robust solution for combating the damaging effect of water hammer and pulsation. Water hammer and/or unwanted pulsation can cause serious problems and failures in any piping system, leading to costly downtime while repairs are made to piping system components, gauges, pumps and instrumentation. These failures will continue until the root cause is addressed and remedied.

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Water Hammer & Pulsation

The Effects of Water Hammer & Pulsation

Water hammer can seriously damage your piping system.Quick closing valves, positive displacement pumps, and vertical pipe runs can create damaging pressure spikes, leading to blown diaphragms, seals and gaskets, not to mention also destroying meters and gauges.

Liquid, for all practical purposes, is not compressible and any energy that is applied to it is instantly transmitted. This energy becomes dynamic in nature when a force, such as quick closing valve or pump, applies velocity to the fluid.

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Application Brief: Aquaculture & Water Quality Control

Walchem AquacultureSuccessful aquaculture depends on maintaining healthy and productive animals in high density populations. In order to maintain this habitat the water quality must be precisely controlled. While there are many controls that can be used, the cost and ease of use of the overall system is usually sacrificed. Follow the link to discover how the Walchem line of controllers and pumps can provide you the tools to build a trouble-free and reliable water quality system.

For more information on how Walchem WIND controllers and Walchem metering pumps can help you, call the application specialists at Ryan Herco Flow Solutions at 800-848-1141 today.


Flow Monitor or Flow Meter?

ChemTec Flow Monitor or Flow Meter
Don’t Confuse Them!

Measuring fluid flow is difficult. To start with, there’s the question of whether to measure volume or mass – i.e. flow monitor or flow meter. Then within each category there are multiple technologies to choose from. Cost rises with accuracy, and some high-precision methods lack robustness for industrial application, especially in large, distributed plant environments. That’s why, before committing to a flow measurement method, it’s important to step back and consider how the data will be used.

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