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Ryan Herco Flow Solutions is aware of how critical high-purity pipe Fitting liquid transport can be, so we are always sure to carry the finest PVDF, PFA Teflon, Polypropylene and High Purity PVC pipe and fittings – and maintain a large inventory of them, sure to meet the requirements of your application. If you absolutely cannot have extractables, fungi, leachants or other contaminants in your fluid, or if you are in the chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or medical industries, our high purity piping systems are the right choice for you.

PVDF is an extremely resilient, long-lasting and capable material. It is resistant to weak and strong acids, oxidizing acids, mixed acids, organic solvents and many more aggressive media and ideal for applications that are prone to vibration or impact. PFA Teflon has the highest physical property retention at high temperatures while Polypropylene provides many of the capabilities of PVDF at a lower price point. When absolute purity is less critical, consider a high-purity LXT PVC system.

RHFS carries high-purity PVDF and Polypro pipe and fittings for both socket and butt fusion, in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 9" and their metric equivalents, PFA in 1/4" to 2” and LXT PVC in 1/2" to 4” sizes. We offer fittings in configurations that include tees, elbows, couplings, reducer bushings, and more.

At Ryan Herco, there is a reason that we maintain partnerships with our customers for decades. Our sales representatives are trained extensively in customer service, current technologies and the application of our products. They also have an extensive knowledge of the processes and applications requiring high-purity liquid transport. Contact us today, and we can help you match our high-purity pipes and fittings perfectly with your situation, and answer any and all questions you may have in the process.


What are high purity pipe fittings? 

High purity pipes and pipe fittings are crafted from high-quality materials, such as PVDF, PVC, and PFA Teflon, when there can be no contamination in the fluid. 

What contaminants do high purity pipes prevent? 

  • Extractables
  • Fungi
  • Lechants
  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Other contaminants 

What materials are high purity pipes and pipe fittings made from? 

  • PVDF
  • PVC
  • PFA Teflon
  • Polypropylene

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