Saint-Gobain is a global leader in the manufacturing of high-performance, innovative polymer solutions and components across a wide range of industries and applications. Innovation is at the heart of Saint-Gobain’s business. Their material science experts specialize in polymer solutions to create custom systems and components for a wide range of markets where fluid management is critical. Saint-Gobain listens intently to their customers and leverages their expertise to find the right solution and create peace of mind.

Life Sciences: enhancing everyday experiences and being there in life’s critical moments. Saint -Gobain’s high-performance brands include Tygon, Furon, C-Flex and Sani-Tech and impact a wide range of industries, ensuring quality and consistency at every touchpoint.

Bioprocess Solutions: customized single-use solutions for the biopharmaceutical and cell therapy markets can increase your process productivity and reduce risk of contamination. Benefits include flexibility in design, confidence in quality, and product performance.

Medical: Saint-Gobain Medical designs, develops and manufactures custom medical components and engineered systems for medical devices. Purpose-built custom filtration products help optimize performance with an unparalleled variety of connectivity options and an extensive filter materials library.

Electronics: Saint-Gobain is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-performance fluoropolymer product for the most demanding fluid handling applications. The Furon product line offers unmatched solutions to meet your needs in demanding markets such as microelectronics where high-purity, safety, and reliability are critical.

Industrial & Consumer Solutions: Superior engineering and customer support help to achieve safety, performance, and regulatory compliance across a broad range of capabilities. We help customers achieve sustainability, efficiency, innovation, and product integrity through customized solutions including flexible tubing, filters, flowmeters, hoses, fittings, high-performance seals, and more!

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