PVC, Plastic, & Teflon Tube & Hose Fittings

Ryan Herco Flow Solutions has evolved its inventory of plastic tubing, hose, and tube fittings over the decades and is more than ready to meet the needs of your application.

We are a Teflon® tubing distributor for a varity of applications such a semiconductor, chemical etching, or perhaps you are outfitting a clean room, doing work in a laboratory, a pharmaceutical plant, or in food processing. Whatever your application, Ryan Herco has the tubing, hose, and tube fittings that you need to get the job done.

Our tubing and hose materials include PVC, polyurethane, Teflon, nylon, and many others, ranging in size from 1/16" to over 3" in diameter. Need tubing that will keep your process fluid free of contaminants? Choose from four types of Teflon tubing to ensure against corrosion or chemical attack. Ryan Herco is the largest distributor of Teflon tubing the country, meaning we carry products in our inventory that others won't have on hand.

The same is true for our selection of tube fittings. It is imperative that as you select tube fittings for your project, you find the correct type (we carry flare, insert, and compression fittings), size and chemical compatibility. That’s why our exhaustive inventory of tube fittings are available in the same materials as the tubing and hose you have. Every part you'll need for your fluid system is here at Ryan Herco.

Our inside and outside sales representatives are trained extensively in fluid control processes and applications to provide the solutions you need. We’ll help you select the tubing, hoses, and tube fittings for your job, track down hard-to-find products from countless suppliers, and answer your toughest application questions to help you be more competitive.

Contact us today and see why we have had so many long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

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