Push-Connect Compression Fittings

Ryan Herco Flow Solutions has been providing customers with Push-Connect compression fittings ever since the technology originated. You can't beat the convenience of push-connect fittings – they require no tools to install, and eliminate fluid leakage just like a regular compression fitting. Piping systems carrying hot and cold fluids within a wide range of pressures are great candidates for these fittings.

We have an extensive selection of push-to-connect compression fittings, with available materials including Polypro, Acetal, PVDF and more, in sizes from 5/32" to 1/2". These fittings come in a wide variety of configurations, including tees, wyes, threaded adapters, reducing connectors and many more. You really won't find a better selection than Ryan Herco's one-stop shop for fluid system needs.

The consultants at Ryan Herco Flow Solutions have all the know-how concerning push-to-connect compression fittings and how they fit into a piping system. Our customer relations – the long-lasting, valued partnerships we've maintained with customers over the years – is in a league of its own.

Contact us today and speak to a Ryan Herco representative to work out the perfect combination of Push-Connect Compression Fittings for your application.

Push-Connect Compression Fittings

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