PVDF Pipe Fittings

Ryan Herco Flow Solutions know how critical liquid transport can be so we carry the finest PVDF pipe and fittings available, sure to meet the requirements of your application. If you absolutely cannot have extractables, fungi, leachants or other contaminants in your fluid, and you want your pipes to be durable and long-lasting, PVDF pipe and fittings are the right choice for you.

PVDF Pipe Fitting is an extremely resilient, long-lasting and capable material. It is resistant to weak and strong acids, oxidizing acids, mixed acids, organic solvents and many more aggressive media. The density of PVDF--twice that of polypropylene--allows it to retain strength through much turmoil and abuse, so it is ideal for applications that are prone to vibration or impact. PVDF is remarkably durable inside and out.

Ryan Herco’s PVDF piping systems are available in a range of configurations and sizes, both imperial and metric, from 3/8" to over 10" and in a variety of joining methods including socket fusion, butt fusion and bead and crevice free (BCF) fusion. Our threaded PVDF fitting configurations, suitable for lower pressure systems, include tees, elbows, reducer bushings, and more, and come in red and natural colors.

When it comes to PVDF pipe and fittings, without a doubt, Ryan Herco has what you need. We are here for you now, and we will be there for you for the long run. Our long term partnerships with customers all over the country speak volumes about our customer service. Reach out to one of our experienced consultants today and start your PVDF project in a fast, efficient manner.


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