Polyurethane Tubing

At Ryan Herco Flow Solutions, we have one of the country's largest and most varied inventories of tubing and hose. Our Teflon® tubing selection is the largest in the country and entails four types of top quality Teflon, so if your application requires tubing that keeps fluid free of contaminants, ensures no corrosion and no chemical attack, we are your one-stop shop.

Ryan Herco is a leading  polyurethane tubing distributor and carry tubing in PVC, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Nylon, and many other materials, with a sizes ranging from 1/16" to over 3" in diameter. Our customers commonly do work in the food processing, chemical etching, semiconductor producing, and pharmaceutical industries. Additionally, many of the hoses that RHFS offers are structurally reinforced, and therefore cost efficient. They are available in the same materials in which our tubing is available.

Our inside and outside sales representatives are extensively well-versed in tubing and hose applications. We’ll help you select the tubing and hose for your project, track down hard-to-find products from countless suppliers, and answer your toughest application questions to help you be more competitive. Contact us today and see why we have had so many long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

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