Custom Fabrication

custom fabrication Our Fabrication Department has decades of thermoplastic and fluoropolymer fabrication experience. We work with experienced, degreed engineers to solve your most challenging corrosive and ultrapure applications. Whether your project is large or small, we have the knowledge and capability to help you design the most efficient, cost-effective system that best suits your operation. Our Fabrication Department has built countless systems for customers all over the world.

Fabrication Systems Examples:

  • Custom tanks in thermoplastic, with and without external structural support
  • Lined Stainless Steel tanks
  • Exhaust hoods
  • Process tank lines

Ryan Herco is also pleased to offer kitting services which can also include fabricated and/or pre-fabricated subassemblies. Let us do the work to prepare and group the products you use repeatedly on a daily basis to save on material handling costs and assembly time.

For our customers, the result is a competitive advantage which is achieved through product superiority, increased yields, reduced costs and accelerated time to market.


High-Purity Fluid Lines & Assemblies

e-form tube assemblyRyan Herco Flow Solutions, in conjunction with our EMI Division, can provide custom tube assemblies using e-Form® technology. e-Form allows PFA fluoropolymer tubing to be bent into custom shapes in which the bends are actually molded into the tube. No more tube assemblies that change shape after installation! Tubes can be economically molded into consistent, complex 3D profiles that withstand heat exposure and will not lose shape. Simply design your own tube assemblies using EMI’s engineering standard and we’ll take care of the rest!

e-Form advantages include:

  • Lower costs due to fewer required fittings;
  • Reduced internal manufacturing labor required;
  • Greatly reduced scrap and rework;
  • Better flow paths and flow characteristics;
  • Consistent plumbing layout;
  • High repeatability from tube to tube
    • Typical angle repeatability: ± 5°
    • Typical length repeatability: ± 0.25”

Ryan Herco and EMI also bring you e-Fuse® technology that uses infrared heat to weld PFA tubing and fittings into assemblies that provide the reliability of welded PFA pipe with the flexibility of PFA tubing.

e-Fuse advantages include:

  • Smaller weld bead than equivalent PFA pipe welds which reduces turbulence, pressure drop and particle entrapment;
  • Welded joints are twice as strong as the tubing itself;
  • Assemblies have smaller footprints than would result from using fittings, welded pipe, or bending tubing;
  • Lower costs due to reduced installation time.

e-fuse tubing systemRyan Herco and EMI also can provide assemblies using e-Fuse® BWT or Beadless Weld Technology. e-Fuse BWT creates welds that are seamless, allowing their use in systems where process purity is of the utmost importance.

e-Fuse BWT advantages include:

  • Seamless PFA welds eliminate protruding weld beads, cavities and maintain a consistent surface finish;
  • BWT welds have shown in burst tests to be stronger than the parent tubing material;
  • When used with e-Form bent tubing, complex 3D tube assemblies can be created with ease that are repeatable and reliable, reducing assembly time and lowering your overall costs.

Regardless of your need, Ryan Herco Flow Solutions will have the answer. Whether you are looking for help designing and building a complex fume exhaust system, need a lined tank, or simply a few fittings put together into a subassembly, RHFS can help you get the job done. Contact us today to speak with one of our highly trained team members.



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