Battery Acid Reservoir Level Measurement

Flowline EchoPod

When a North American battery manufacturer needed reliable level measurement of their sulfuric acid reservoirs, they turned to Flowline.

Lead acid car batteries are basically a positive and negative plate, separated by porous insulating material that allows current to flow between them. The electrolyte is a sulfuric acid and water solution, commonly referred to as battery acid.  Highly corrosive and difficult to handle, operators dispense acid through filling stations. Each station has a small reservoir, pump and level sensor. Their level sensors often failed due to corrosion attack.
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Cooling Tower Sump Level Measurement

When a Major North American auto manufacturer needed reliable level measurement of their cooling tower sumps, they turned to RHFS and Flowline. The reclamation, cooling and treatment of process water is critical to their manufacturing operations, and previous float level sensors were unreliable due to corrosion, scaling, and to a lesser extent, agitation.
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Gas Leak Detection

Leak Detection, ChemTec Series 125 Flow Monitor

Leak detection is serious business. Gas escaping from a piping system needs to be detected quickly. Depending on the type of gas, the consequences range from merely wasteful to fatal. Leaking gas can also be environmentally damaging, can create an explosion risk, and can even kill thousands of people, as happened in the Bhopal, India chemical plant disaster.

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New! WIKA UPT-20 Process Transmitter

The new WIKA UPT-20 Smart Transmitter

WIKA Launches Next-Generation UPT-20 Process Transmitter

WIKA has become a leader in the instrument industry by investing in our customers. The new UPT-20 process transmitter is an example of WIKA’s responsiveness to market needs, bringing customers intelligent sensor technology that maximizes control flexibility and data gathering capabilities.

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ChemTec’s CCM Flow Monitor Helps Clear the Air


Helping to Improve Air Quality

For most of us, the air we breathe is cleaner now than it was a decade ago – that’s good news. But it does depend on where you live. The American Lung Association’s (ALA) 2015 “State of the Air” report says, “Nearly 138.5 million people—almost 44 percent of the nation—live where pollution levels are too often dangerous to breathe.” The situation is especially bad in the western USA, with many urban areas in California suffering from high levels of air pollution.

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Georg Fischer Announces New Level Control Line-up

GF Level photo #1

New Ultrasonic Sensing Instrumentation Offers Precise Level Measurement in Virtually Any Liquid

GF Piping Systems has introduced a comprehensive new level sensing instrumentation product line that includes ultrasonic level transmitters, sensors, and a variety of switches. The new product line-up was developed in response to customer demand following the proven performance of the company’s existing Submersible Hydrostatic Level Sensors and Transmitters.

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