Product Focus: Tygon 2375-C Inner Braid Tubing

High Pressure, Chemically Resistant Tubing

Tygon 2375-C IB TubingTygon 2375-C I.B. tubing is specially engineered to deliver outstanding performance in an environment where harsh chemicals are used and elevated working pressures are employed. Its robust polyester braid reinforcement holds a full vacuum rating, ideal for the suction/delivery side of cleaning chemical transfer

Ultra Chemical Resistant, Flexible Tubing

Tygon 2375 IB tubing is virtually unaffected by chemical sanitizers and cleaners. It is specially engineered to deliver an outstanding performance in an environment where these harsh chemicals are used. It is also hydrophobic and resists the sorption (absorption / adsorption) of aqueous fluids. This reduction in sorption minimizes the risk of fluid alteration in single or repeat-use applications.

Flexibility Without the Use of Plasticizers

Until now, clear, flexible tubing was restricted from use in many applications due to concerns over plasticizer extraction. Tygon 2375 IB high-purity tubing is entirely free of any plasticizers. This unique tubing uses the latest in polymer technology to provide a clear (between braid) and flexible tubing choice for sensitive fluid transfer applications.

Features and Benefits
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Non-DEHP for high purity
  • Plasticizer-free for low extractables
  • Tough braid reinforcement for elevated working pressures
  • Safer disposal – Releases no harmful and corrosive hydrogen chloride gas
  • Smoother inner surface – Provides better flow and inhibits particulate buildup
  • Clear tubing for easier and better observation
Typical Applications
  • Detergent transfer for laundry
  • Dishwashing cleaning chemical transfer lines
  • Warewashing cleaning chemical transfer lines
  • Car washing equipment chemical transfer lines
  • Harsh chemical transfer
  • Solvent transfers

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