Filtration Trouble?

How many times have you received reports that product quality is down, or that the production line is stopped – AGAIN? These could be signs that you have filtration trouble in some area of your process and it will be costing you real money.

Excessive filter changes take time and cost you money!

The problem could be on the incoming/make-up water side, process chemical side, the product being produced, or even on the waste side of your process. These indicators can include:

  • Frequent filter changeouts = Excess $$$
  • Product quality/cleanliness issues = Excess $$$
  • Not enough throughput in the system = Excess $$$
  • Repeated, unplanned downtime = Excess $$$

Any of these could be a sign that your filtration system is not properly designed for your application and costing you real money and lost production time.

Know the Real Problem

There could be several solutions that could address these pain points, but it would be key to involve someone knowledgeable in filtration to help troubleshoot. The filtration specialists at Ryan Herco Flow Solutions can help you with an analysis of your process fluids and contamination load, identification of an appropriate filter type and appropriate nominal or absolute efficiency, along with options for housings and configuration of the housing(s) within your system. By careful analysis of these factors, we can work with you to drastically reduce, or even eliminate, your filtration troubles and lower your Total Cost of Ownership.

Choosing the Right Partner

RHFS Filtration Technology Brochure

As important as the performance of the filtration system you select is the performance of the company behind that solution. Extended lead times and technical support that is M.I.A. can be a killer when you’re experiencing a problem. The filtration specialists at Ryan Herco bring years of filtration expertise to bear, backed by a large and growing group of world-class filtration manufacturers. Whether you need detailed lab analysis of your process fluid, to a better vessel, or just a more competent supplier of bags, RHFS is there to get you back up and running – and keep you up and running!

Concentrate on your business and maximize your profits! Kick your filtration trouble to the curb and contact your Ryan Herco Flow Solutions filtration specialist today at 800-848-1141.