WIKA Liquid-Filled Brass Gauges

WIKA Liquid-filled Brass Gauge
Unparalleled Durability, Precision, and Long Service Life

A wide variety of pressure gauges are used for measurement purposes across industries today. Liquid-filled brass gauges are popular for their durability and precision. Brass gauge applications have significantly expanded with the rise in the use of portable equipment such as compressors, pumps, and hydraulic tools.

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+GF+ Stress Less Pipe Clamps Are Here!

Mechanical stress on plastic piping systems is one of the leading causes of premature leaks. Typical pipe clamp and hanger products often create unintended fixed points throughout piping systems that permanently lock in stress. To address this challenge, GF Piping Systems has introduced a new Stress Less Pipe and Valve Hanger system. This new system is specifically designed to eliminate stress transfer to plastic pipe caused by normal thermal expansion and contraction, improper installation, or seismic events.

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Tech Talk: pH System Installation

pH System Installation Tips

Many people think of pH measurement as an esoteric science requiring long years of apprenticeship to master.  With new technology and modern pH controllers, this is no longer the case. With a little care and patience everyone can successfully install and operate today’s advanced pH controllers. The following guidelines, used with the manufacturer’s instructions, should assure you a trouble-free pH system installation.
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