Hazardous Alum-Sulfate Tank Level Measurement

When a Washington state municipality needed a reliable level measurement of their aluminum sulfate tanks, they turned to Flowline. Aluminum sulfate is a highly acidic, hygroscopic compound used as a water treatment filter agent. The soluble crystals bind or clump with impurities creating flocs that settle out and to be more easily removed from the system, increasing downstream filter efficiency.

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Stenner Releases S Series Peristaltic Pumps

Stenner's New S Series Peristaltic Pump

A peristaltic pump or tubing pump is a self-priming pump that achieves pumping action by moving a system of rollers against a flexible tube. The fluids being pumped (e.g., chemical feeds) are never exposed to the outside atmosphere or the mechanical moving parts of the pump as they are contained within the tubing. The roller design prevents siphoning by providing a constant seal on the pumping tube. » Read more

NEW! Fuseal® Fast-Lock™ PolyPro Corrosive Waste

New, Easier, Faster, and Better than Ever!

The new Fuseal Fast-Lock Joining System is a revolutionary new mechanical joint (MJ) solution for our Fuseal corrosive waste system. It is fast and easy to install. Unlike cemented systems, it does not require special cement or applicators nor are there any toxic fumes. Most importantly there are no cure times to wait for – the Fast-Lock system is immediately ready for operation. Fast-Lock is the most compact mechanical joint on the market. It allows for installation of the system in tight spaces such as between walls where other systems will not fit.

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New Full-Bore Magnetic Flowmeter Offers High Accuracy and Lighter Weight

GF Piping Systems has introduced the full-bore, magnetic Signet 2580 FlowtraMag™ Meter designed specifically for high accuracy flow measurement in short pipe runs. High accuracy is achieved for these problematic runs with a new sensor design that has shorter inlet and outlet pipe length requirements and certified factory calibration.
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