Flow Monitor or Flow Meter?

ChemTec Flow Monitor or Flow Meter
Don’t Confuse Them!

Measuring fluid flow is difficult. To start with, there’s the question of whether to measure volume or mass – i.e. flow monitor or flow meter. Then within each category there are multiple technologies to choose from. Cost rises with accuracy, and some high-precision methods lack robustness for industrial application, especially in large, distributed plant environments. That’s why, before committing to a flow measurement method, it’s important to step back and consider how the data will be used.

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Application Brief: Produce Disinfection

Walchem Produce DisinfectionClean, wholesome product is a key ingredient for healthy living. To ensure cleanliness, produce must be decontaminated prior to shipment, typically with an oxidant such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, PAA or ozone. To guarantee the best results and deter litigation, a system must not only control the oxidant, but it must also datalog the readings, alarm on out-of-range conditions and shut down the line whtn there is a significant problem. Many grocery stores are requiring this type of information from their suppliers. Follow the link to discover how Walchem’s completed line of controllers and pumps can provide you with a trouble-free and economical disinfection and compliance system.

For more information on how Walchem WIND controllers and Walchem metering pumps can help your produce disinfection system, call the application specialists at Ryan Herco Flow Solutions at 800-848-1141 today.


ChemTec LPH Flow Switch & Closed-Loop Cooling Systems

ChemTec LPH Flow Switch

Metal casting and plastic molding are near‐net shape manufacturing processes. Liquid material fills a die, solidifies and is ejected. A few quick finishing operations later and a precision part is ready for shipping or assembly. The key to making money though is doing this quickly. Molding and casting machines are expensive, as are the dies, so throughput and utilization must be maximized. That means chilling the filled die as fast as possible, and that takes sophisticated cooling systems.

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Chem Proline: Safe Chemical Transfer

Chem Proline

Selecting the right material for any industrial piping application can be a daunting task. The life expectancy and overall success of a system is based on the material selected and the media running through it. With material choices ranging from metal to fiberglass to plastics, it is helpful to first examine the system’s specific application and then choose the material best suited to handle the job long-term.

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Application Brief: Pulp & Paper Bleaching

Micropump, Pulp & Paper BleachingIn the paper manufacturing process, wood pulp leaving the digester wash unit often must be bleached to attain the desired level of paper whiteness. Bleach plants whiten pulp through three to five stages of bleaching and water washing. Follow the link to read how solutions from Micropump like the Series GJ, Series GL or Series GN pumps are optimal for tough applications like this.

For more information on pump seal flush applications, contact the pump specialists at Ryan Herco Flow Solutions at 800-848-1141.



NEW! PVC & CPVC Bag Filters from Hayward

Hayward Flow Control announces the addition of PVC and CPVC FLV Series Bag Filters to their range of industry leading thermoplastic filtration products. The new PVC and CPVC FLV Series are available in Size 1 (16″) and Size 2 (32″) vessels with a True-Union design for multiple end connection sizes and types allowing for quick and flexible installations. Made from PVC or CPVC materials, the FLV Series are ideal for Sodium Hypochlorite and Bleach service, as well as many other applications requiring superior corrosion resistance.

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Application Brief: Mechanical Seal Flush

Micropump mechanical seal flushMechanical seal flushing, on large industrial pumps, is used to extend the life of the seal by cleaning and/or cooling the seal. There are many methods for implementing seal flush, but all either recirculate fluid from various other points on the industrial pump (usually the output) or use an external source for the flushing stream. Follow the link to read how innovative solutions from Micropump like the Series GC or Series GL pumps can help lengthen the life of your mechanical pump seals.

For more information on pump seal flush applications, contact the pump specialists at Ryan Herco Flow Solutions at 800-848-1141.


Application Brief: Fuel Additive Injection


Fuel can be improved, changed or enhanced through the addition of fuel additives according to specific preformance and usage requirements. Follow the link to read how innovative solutions from Micropump like the Series GB and Series GC pumps can improve applications like fuel additive injection and other similar processes.

For more information on how Micropump can improve your applications, contact Ryan Herco Flow Solutions to speak with one of our knowleadgeable Customer Service pump specialists at 800-848-1141.


NEW! Iwaki Air AODD Pumps

New! Iwaki Air AODD

Iwaki America is proud to announce the introduction of the new Iwaki Air family of Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps.  Iwaki America, already well known for its industry-leading magnetic drive chemical process pumps, metering pumps and control products, now offers the Iwaki Air pump products to the North, Central and South America regions.

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