Product Spotlight: +GF+ Signet

Signet 2751 pH Smart Sensor Electronics

All Wastewater treatment systems use pH control systems to raise and lower the pH levels to aid in the removal of solids and to neutralize the waste fluids.  +GF+ Signet has been a leader in the pH electrode market for many years, incorporating into their systems standard features like:

  • Chemical Resistant Bodies of Ryton or CPVC
  • Watertight connections
  • Submersible or Inline Mounting options
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Combination Electrodes incorporating both Measuring and Reference
  • Bulb or Flat Surface measuring surfaces

+GF+ Ups Their Game

Georg Fischer has integrated a MAJOR feature into each of their electrodes. They now have an internal memory chip that that provides the ability to store data and allows user access to:

  • Calibration Data
  • Operational Data
  • Manufacturing Date
  • Electrode Health Monitoring (with 2751 Electronics)

In the Plating and Metal Finishing industry, (producers of significant amounts of chemical waste), this feature allows the maintenance and facilities teams to pre-calibrate each electrode and have it waiting to be installed into the process.

Signet 2751 Advantages

2751 Smart Sensor Electronics provide a number of advantages over non-“smart” electrodes, including:

  • Benchtop calibration of electrodes that saves calibration settings – no more trying to clean and calibrate a sensor in the process
  • Fast and easy sensor exchange in the process using pre-calibrated spares
  • Used electrodes can be cleaned, hydrated, and then re-calibrated to provide savings on otherwise consumable electrodes
  • Longer lifespan for each electrode

This short video shows just how easy it is to put Smart Electronics to work for you!

Fewer safety risks, easy and more thorough maintenance, and savings in both time and money. Smart electronics are a no-brainer!

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