+GF+ Hycleen Automation System

Potable Water Hygiene System

Watching the news lately, with more and more workers returning to the workplace, HVAC and water systems are once again working hard this summer to keep things pleasant. Lurking in some of these systems is Legionella bacteria — the cause of Legionnaires Disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there are approximately 5,000 cases of Legionnaires’ disease annually. Georg Fischer has come up with a solution for Buildings, Hospitals, and Hotels to minimize Stagnant Water to minimize the potential for the proliferation of Legionella.

Peer-reviewed literature suggests that building drinking water systems are one of the primary pathways for exposure to Legionella bacteria that can originate in fresh and municipal water systems. There was just a large outbreak at a well-known hotel in Atlanta in 2019.

A New Solution

Georg Fischer’s new Hycleen™ Automation System is an automated balancing, flushing, and thermal disinfection solution that can help you put an end to the legionella problem. The revolutionary system balances recirculation loops to keep hot water lines out of the legionella growth zone.  It also flushes dead legs and stagnant lines to combat bacteria growth while continuously monitoring and reporting system conditions to a BMS system!

The Hycleen Automation System secures optimum potable water hygiene in 4 steps:

  1. Prevention
  2. Monitoring
  3. Intervention
  4. Risk Assessment

The Hycleen Automation System is composed of several components including:

  • Hycleen Automation Master
  • App for external tablet/smartphone with real-time data
  • Hycleen Automation power supply and communication cables
  • Valves with temperature sensors and positioners
  • Integrated Controllers with Bluetooth
  • Communications with USB, Ethernet, and Bluetooth

This short video shows some of the advantages of the Hycleen automation system.

With the GF Hycleen system installed, the benefits to the water systems and its users include:

  • Hygiene: Uniform hot water temperatures and regular automatic flushing
  • Automation: Central control and status display
  • Monitoring: Logging and reporting with Remote monitoring
  • Engineers: Straightforward design
  • Installers: Plug and Play
  • Building Owners and Operators:
    • Low-maintenance potable water systems
    • Low-risk application
    • Services

If you want to better safeguard your workplace, contact the water quality experts today at RHFS to learn more about the GF Hycleen system at 800.848.1141.


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