RHFS’ Custom Solutions Group

RHFS’ Custom Solutions Group (CSG) is your definitive source for custom fluid handling systems in engineered plastic, fluoropolymer and stainless steel and specialty alloy. Our team can work along side of you to design, build and manufacture complete systems for managing water or waste across a variety of industrial applications.

We have expertise in systems ranging from large and complex to small and straight-forward. Our facilities in Tualatin, OR, Burbank, CA and Branchburg, NJ provide us the skill sets and flexibility needed as we work closely with you to design and build the solution you need.

What We Can Do

Our in-house capabilities ranging from 5-axis CNC milling to simple hot-air stick welding. We are equipped to manufacture a wide variety of corrosion-resistant systems to suit your process requirements, including:

Continuous pH Adjustment Skid
Waste Neutralization Systems

Our systems can stand up to the harshest conditions. Corrosion-resistant materials of construction are used in the tanks, pumps, piping, valves and other critical components. Our systems are customizable to your specifications — select from a wide variety of metering pumps, flow controllers, analytical instrumentation, chemical injection and other key components to tailor the system to your process needs.

Chemical Injection / Chemical Feed Systems

Designed for harsh, corrosive environments with many available options, including spill containment, dual-containment piping, and leak detection. Injection rates range from 10 ml/hr up to 1,000 gph and injection pressures to 2,900 psi. Each system includes the components needed for installation and operation. All that is needed upon arrival are simple plumbing and electrical connections.

Herco-Lift Duplex Pump Lift Station
Chemical Waste Collection Systems / Pump Lift Stations

Automatic pumping stations economically collect and transfer corrosive wastes when gravity drains cannot be used. Fully assembled – just plumb and power! Our Herco-Lift Pump Stations are fully customizable and available in other materials including CPVC, PVDF, PE and PVC.

For more information on the value-added capabilities of RHFS’ Custom Solutions Group, contact your local RHFS Service Center today or call 800.848.1141.