Pulsation Dampeners Prevent Costly Damage

Plast-O-Matic Series PDS Pulsation Dampeners are a robust solution for combating the damaging effect of water hammer and pulsation. Water hammer and/or unwanted pulsation can cause serious problems and failures in any piping system, leading to costly downtime while repairs are made to piping system components, gauges, pumps and instrumentation. These failures will continue until the root cause is addressed and remedied.

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Tech Talk: Water Hammer & Pulsation

The Effects of Water Hammer & Pulsation

Water hammer can seriously damage your piping system.Quick closing valves, positive displacement pumps, and vertical pipe runs can create damaging pressure spikes, leading to blown diaphragms, seals and gaskets, not to mention also destroying meters and gauges.

Liquid, for all practical purposes, is not compressible and any energy that is applied to it is instantly transmitted. This energy becomes dynamic in nature when a force, such as quick closing valve or pump, applies velocity to the fluid.

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