Ryan Herco Flow Solutions’ goal is to be your number one source for fluid handling product needs and to meet and exceed your expectations every time you work with us. In pursuit of this quality goal, we have launched quality@rhfs.com, an e-mail address specifically for you to communicate to us any and all quality concerns that you might have.

What will quality@rhfs.com do for you? It will:

  • Provide you with a single point of contact to get your quality, regulatory or compliance questions answered quickly and definitively;
  • Rapidly inform you of any changes in the form, fit or function of a product that could affect your use of the product. You can plan and react to any changes before they can cause production or regulatory issues;
  • Promptly notify you of quality issues on product you have purchased and provide you with a process to get the item(s) changed out of your process or inventory with compliant product from RHFS.

This inbox is a single point of contact for our customers and vendors alike to communicate to Ryan Herco any product questions, changes or alerts related to or that impact the product, the manufacturing of the product, or any other potential product quality issue. Behind the scenes, a cross-functional team from Quality, Operations, Vendor Relations, and Supply Chain is standing by to address issues of any sort that arise and to conduct a thorough investigation of inventory on hand, any relevant stock sold to our customers, and determine and execute the best process to remedy the situation at hand and keep your application or process running smoothly.

As the newest part of our on-going commitment to quality, quality@rhfs.com will serve as one of the foundational elements of our company-wide goal to provide high quality, world-class products to you, our customers.