Ultrapure Water Storage Solution

article1_1aPre-engineered TerraPure® Tank Solution

Our TerraPure custom tank solution has proven to be a leader in the field for ultrapure water applications. In our numerous interactions with customers for this solution, we discovered that there was a common configuration that kept emerging from user requirements, and that is how the pre-engineered TerraPure tank became a new offering.

Available in either 125 or 250 gallon capacity, this solution comes with 7 fittings pre-installed and is ready to ship just 2 weeks or less from the time the order is placed.

The Pre-engineered TerraPure Tank includes:

  • 125 gallon or 250 gallon TerraPure Tank – the industry leading tank for ultrapure water storage
  • 7 pre-installed fittings (sanitary or threaded) for connection of your:
  • Feed/fill
  • Loop return
  • Vent
  • High liquid level sensor
  • Low liquid level sensor
  • Sample draw
  • Loop supply/drain
  • Molded stand

article1_1Benefits of the Pre-engineered TerraPure Tank:

  • Fitting locations are standard for ease of specifying system
  • Pre-defined fitting locations promote ease of plumbing and installation
  • Fast turnaround — tank ships in 2 weeks or less
  • Enhanced solution of proven, trusted high purity tank – TerraPure is the industry leading solution

Ordering is simple and quick:

  • Select the TerraPure tank capacity you need and fitting type: 125 gallon or 250 gallon.
  • Select fitting styles required: sanitary tri-clamps or threaded (NPT female).
  • Place the order and your tank ships in 2 weeks or less!

Why TerraPure Tanks for Ultrapure Water Applications?

  • Designed for the purest process waters or chemistries
  • One-piece, polyethylene capsule shape design provides for complete drainage
  • One-piece rotationally-molded construction yields rugged, seamless, corrosion-free container
  • Viton®-gasketed 6″ screw lid maintains nitrogen blanket pressure.

For more information and specifications on the pre-engineered TerraPure Tanks, see our Product Bulletin.