Terracon TerraSpray Rinse Station Improves Sanitation

Limited Glamour, but Important Productivity Impact

“There’s nothing else like Terracon’s TerraSpray™ Rinse Station on the market. This solution helped me build a solid relationship with a major Bio Lab facility by addressing a challenge that was at the forefront of their concerns.” Commented one Terracon customer.

Rinse Station Improves Sanitization Process

Cleaning and rinsing. Not the glamorous parts of any R&D facility or manufacturing site. When it comes to solving problems, sales folks and resellers focused on solving complex fluid management challenges often don’t spend much time talking to the teams responsible for the mundane, yet critical cleaning duties — until there is a problem. At Bio Lab research and production facilities, the sanitization process is always an area of concern.

Application Challenge

Issues with cross contamination. Consistent cleaning of various vessels and carboys is a problem as it is difficult to thoroughly clean and rinse the bottom and the tough areas inside the neck of the carboy and around the top of the inside of vessels. The manual approach of relying on a big sink, hoses and brushes often does not solve the issue. Purification process managers seek a reliable solution that he and his team can depend on.

Terracon's TerraSpray rinse station

Terracon’s TerraSpray rinse station


A TerraSpray Rinse Station can solve the cleaning and decontamination process. The purification team uses the rinse station throughout the day to clean and rinse the vessels and carboys in a highly efficient, thorough and easy process.

  • Improved productivity with ease of use – simple and quick process
  • Improved sanitization to eliminate cross contamination with a thorough solution
  • Improved safety as all water is contained in the rinse station leaving floors safe and dry

“We have been using Terracon’s TerraSpray™ now for two years. It has been very useful in cleaning our buckets, including large containers used for our buffers and enzymes. It gives a 360° cleaning and has improved sanitization and productivity.” says a process engineer at a major pharmaceutical research facility.

Pre-engineered TerraSpray™ Rinse Station

This compact rinse station for lab and process carboys and vessels has many features that will help you to

  • Save money
  • Conserve water
  • Reduce labor time
  • Eliminate slip hazards

The three (3) pre-engineered solutions available are perfect for midsize facilities. The TerraSpray Rinse Station

  • Handles all sizes and styles of carboys & vessels up to 50 gallons (200 liters)
  • Avoids expensive automated solutions

and increase productivity and safety by

  • Eliminating awkward manual efforts
  • Quickly, efficiently and easily getting carboys ready for use
  • Eliminating wet floors and slip hazards
  • Utilizing a compact design that keeps water contained without allowing water and residue to leak or splash

The TerraSpray Rinse Station is easy to use, being both portable and flexible.

  • Mobility kit available
  • Ties in easily with existing water source
  • Uses standard plumbing connections
  • No electricity required
  • Inlet: ½” NPT female
  • Drain: 1 ½” NPT female




Our Ryan Herco Flow Solution customer service staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the TerraSpray system.  You can call us at 800-848-1141.