Solving Tough Applications with Flowline’s New Radar Level Measurement Technology

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Flowline LR10 Radar Level Sensor installed outdoors in the desert heatblog10img01

Model: EchoPulse LR10 – 26GHz transmitter.

Location: Tempe, AZ

Why Radar? This application is for a wastewater tank located outdoors in Arizona. Temperature of the application can sometimes increase above 120 F with condensation in the tank, creating a challenging environment for other non-contact technologies.

Update: The customer provided feedback that the sensor is spot on.

Opportunity: Storage tanks located in areas where ambient temperatures exceed 120 F are challenging to ultrasonic technologies due to temperature and condensation.

Reagent Chemical

Flowline LR20 installed on a vaporous acid tank

Model: EchoPulse LR20 – 26GHz transmitter

Location: Cleburne, TX

Why Radar? The application is for 48,000 Gallon rubber lined stainless steel tank containing 36% Hydrochloric acid. HCL is a highly vaporous chemical and previous attempts at other non-contact sensors failed due to vapors.

The site installed two (2) EchoPulse LR20 transmitters in their tank farm. They tested how the sensors performed on bulk tanks, installed on risers / flanges, top fill with a liquid that out gases / has vapors with excellent results.

Opportunity: Chemical manufacturers and distributors need a solution for their bulk storage tanks over30 feet and for their vaporous products.


Wastewater Sump

Model: EchoPulse LR30 – 26GHz transmitter

Location: Prewitt, NM

Flowline LR30 provides accurate wastewater monitoring

Why Radar? This is an application for an 8 foot concrete sump / pit located in Prewitt, New Mexico. The site installed one EchoPulse LR30 transmitter in their sump. OSHA had mandated that a level device be installed to prevent overflows. They had previously tested a competitor’s 6 GHz radar transmitter but it did not work in their application. They stated that the unit was unreliable. They installed the LR30 26GHz transmitter in their sump and since installation, they have not seen any issues. They unit operates accurately despite the foam present in their application.

Opportunity: There are many sump applications where the presence of foam prevents reliable measurement for ultrasonic sensors.  The new radar technology opens up a lot of opportunities in challenging applications.

Flowline LR30 provides accurate wastewater monitoring

Lenmoore Naval Base

Model: EchoPulse LR20 – 26GHz transmitter

Location: Lenmoore, CA

Why Radar? This is an application for a 190” sludge tank. The end user was using an ultrasonic level sensor to monitor the levels on their tank. Due to the uneven liquid surface, it created issues for the ultrasonic. The site installed an EchoPulse LR20 transmitter in their sludge tank. They tested how the sensor performed in the application with the uneven liquid surface. After 2 months installed in the application, the end user stated that the unit has been working flawlessly and they are very pleased.

Opportunity: There are many waste / sump applications where variations in the liquid surface creates challenges for other continuous measurement technologies like ultrasonic or floats. The new radar technology creates new opportunities where we were previously challenged.


The LR20 accurately measures tough sludge applications

For more information on Flowline’s robust new radar level technology, please call the Ryan Herco Flow Solutions knowledgeable customer service staff at 800-848-1141.