Renner Pumps Provide Reliability and Longevity in Harsh Applications

For wet processes, pumps play a crucial role in any system. The entire process either stands or falls with the functionality and reliability of the pump. No one knows this better than RHFS and Renner, because this is our area of expertise.

Renner pumps are a reliable partner when it comes to finding solutions for an optimized method of conveying liquids from “A”, like alkalis, to “Z”, like zinc sulfate and most everything in between. They support almost all processes in which liquids, with viscosity’s of up to 160 cps, need to be transferred, sprayed or circulated.

Renner develops and manufactures pumps and electronic systems for maximum efficiency in liquid processes. Whether the application involves high-purity water, organic acids or water with additives, anywhere where a variety of chemicals need to be moved, sprayed or circulated, Renner has a pump that can make the liquid process safer and more efficient. In virtually every industry and in every application!


Markets and applications include: Electroplating & Surface Finishing, PCB (printed circuit board), Semi-conductor, Solar, Water Treatment, Chemical, Agriculture, Food, Pharmaceutical, Thermal, Nuclear, Mobile (ships, aerospace, other) Chemicals, High Purity Water, Organic Acids,  & many more.

Renner multi-stage magnetic drive pump

Renner multi-stage magnetic drive pump

Horizontal Pump Features

  • Customized / Optimized pumps for OEMs
  • Extremely high efficiency designs; housings, impellers & drives can all be optimized
  • Integrated VS motors / drives
  • Multi-stage non-metallic mag drive pumps to 213’ head
  • A true run dry mag drive pump (for days not hours!) / No thermal shock
  • Polypro or PVDF covered motors are available that can be totally submerged
  • Canned motor pumps / DC (12v to 48v) or AC
  • Side channel mag drive pumps (low flow – high head)
  • Self-priming models
  • Complete range of vertical pumps (up to 8-1/2’ long)
  • Multi-stage and mag-drive vertical pumps
  • Proprietary labyrinth seal designs on run dry models

Vertical Pump Features

  • Externally mountable verticals (Series RTA)
  • Unsurpassed quality and robust construction
  • Polypropylene (glass filled standard / non-glass filled available),
  • PVDF (virgin), and Stainless Steel materials
  • Extremely efficient due to spiral housing
  • Patented labyrinth seal to protect the motor from crystallizing media and corrosive fumes
  • Suction screen
  • True union connections
  • Some models can handle up to 2.0 Specific Gravity – consult factory for more information
  • Motors have thick wall and unique fin design for maximum heat dissipation, stability – vibration is virtually eliminated
  • Hydraulically balanced shafts
Renner pumps at a glance

Renner pumps at a glance



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