NEW! PVC & CPVC Bag Filters from Hayward

Hayward Flow Control announces the addition of PVC and CPVC FLV Series Bag Filters to their range of industry leading thermoplastic filtration products. The new PVC and CPVC FLV Series are available in Size 1 (16″) and Size 2 (32″) vessels with a True-Union design for multiple end connection sizes and types allowing for quick and flexible installations. Made from PVC or CPVC materials, the FLV Series are ideal for Sodium Hypochlorite and Bleach service, as well as many other applications requiring superior corrosion resistance.

NEW! Hayward FLV Bag FiltersThe PVC and CPVC FLV Series are available with end connections in pipe sizes 1-1/4″ through 4″ (DN32 – DN100) in socket, threaded, or flanged configurations. Additionally, the FLV Series can be ordered as a Simplex through Quadplex unit. All vessels carry a pressure rating of 150psi / 10 bar Non-Shock at 70°F for all sizes, with service temperatures up to 140°F / 60°C in PVC and 190°F / 88°C in CPVC.

Key Features & Benefits:
  • Solid One Piece Basket with Vertical Flutes
  • Hand Removable Ergonomic Cover with
  • Liquid Displacing Dome
  • PVC or CPVC Vent Valve Included
  • In-Line or Loop Flow Configurations
  • 100 GPM Flow Capacity
  • Drain Port on Bottom
  • FPM Seals Standard
  • Integral Mounting Base
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Backed by Hayward’s Exclusive
  • 2 Year Warranty

Additional options for the FLV Series include Gauge with Gauge Guard, Pressure Differential Gauges or Switches, and EPDM Seals.

Typical applications or installations include water and wastewater treatment, aquatic and animal life support systems, chemical processing and handling, metal plating, food and beverage, aquaculture, commercial plumbing system and water/theme parks.

For more information on the Hayward FLV Series bag filters, contact the filtration professionals today at Ryan Herco Flow Solutions at 800-848-1141.