NEW! Iwaki Air AODD Pumps

Iwaki America is proud to announce the introduction of the new Iwaki Air family of Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps.  Iwaki America, already well known for its industry-leading magnetic drive chemical process pumps, metering pumps and control products, now offers the Iwaki Air pump products to the North, Central and South America regions.

The new Iwaki Air AODD line of pumps is a complete family of pumps that handles the most challenging and difficult fluid transfer applications.  Applications include sumping, filling, transferring, batching and dispensing within the chemical, mining, ceramics, paints and coatings, industrial wastewater treatment, printing, pulp, paper and marine industries.  Iwaki Air pumps will be available in multiple corrosion resistant materials to meet our customer’s vigorous requirements to solve a wide range of application demands available in sizes from ¼” to 2” (3” to be released in 4Q15).  Incorporated in the design of these pumps is the innovative, patent pending Looped-C™ air motor spool valve which greatly improves on/off switching reliability, operational efficiency and air valve component life.  This design is exclusive to Iwaki Air.

iwaki-photo1According to Dennis Ruis, VP of Sales and Marketing for Iwaki America, “These pumps are a great addition to our current offering where we can leverage existing channels to offer AODD pumps as well as to identify new channels for our current and ever-developing Iwaki Pumps and Walchem products.”

Built for Power, Built to Last

Iwaki Air AODD pumps are engineered for maximum utility. They are portable and easy to install, operate, and maintain. Infinitely variable flow rates and variable discharge pressures can handle a large range of fluids, including corrosive chemicals and flammable liquids. The AODD pumps can run dry, self-prime and dead-head without damaging the pump. Other design elements that distinguish Iwaki Air AODD pumps include body stabilization features to ensure heat resistance, and sound suppression construction to reduce both mechanical noise and compressed air noise.

These pumps are built for power. A higher power output means the pump can operate with less applied air pressure compared with many competitor’s pumps – often outperforming pumps that may have a higher listed flow rate.

Looped C-Spool Air Valve

Revolutionary new spring design uses stronger, light-weight material for a smoother stroke with less wear and tear of all spool components (fully interchangeable with C-Spool model pumps).

Lube-free Operation

Clean, environmentally friendly design is engineered without the need for lubrication. Lube-free operation extends the life of all air motor parts.

Independent and Modular Pilot Valve

Industry-leading pilot valve system design is fully independent and virtually non-wearing. Static seals are dirt and moisture resistant. Pilot valve and springs are made from high tensile stainless steel that will not bend or rust. Faster cycles with shorter strokes will extend diaphragm life.

Large Diameter Ports

Oversized ports allow air contamination to pass through the pump eliminating blockages and freezing.

Reduced Pump Stalling

The unique new Looped C-Spool greatly reduces the pump stalling.

Resists Freezing

Compressed air expands gradually through our innovative staged air chamber exhaust system to reduce freezing. Large air port design allows contaminated air to pass through the pump and out the exhaust.

Call our knowledgeable Ryan Herco Flow Solutions pump specialists today at 800-848-1141 for complete details on Iwaki’s new line of AODD pump and how they can help solve your difficult fluid transfer applications.