New Flow Control Solution

Ryan Herco Flow Solutions is proud to represent a new product line that will benefit your company with productivity improvements, cost-savings and improved safety for your employees in the work environment.

The Maric flow control valve is designed to deliver your required flow rate, irrespective of pressure differential, over a wide range. They are compact and are available in the broadest range of connection types, sizes and material types in the world.

We look forward to answering your questions and determining how we can best serve your company with the benefits our newest product line from Maric.

Maric Flow Control Valves

Maric Flow Control was established forty years ago. Their core business is the manufacture of Flow Control Valves which are exported worldwide for commercial, domestic and industrial applications. They design, engineer and manufacture all valve components in-house, including the ‘Precision’ control rubbers to extremely exacting tolerances. Consistent quality is ensured through the ISO9002 WaterMark procedures and they utilize the most up to date CNC machinery for efficient, precise and consistent valve production. RHFS is committed to supplying all areas of Industry, Water and Environmental Services, Agriculture and Construction with quality valves from Maric to solve all your constant flow needs.

Maric Application: Water Treatment Plants

Various processes within water and wastewater treatment require water flow to be maintained at a constant rate. A variety of technologies are utilized to achieve this constant flow rate, and one reliable and maintenance free method is to use Maric flow control valves.

Maric flow controllers can be used to:

  • Control backwash flow rate to prevent loss of media in media filters.
  • Control of service water flow through delicate filters.
  • Control trickle flow of sampling water to analyzing instrumentation.
  • Control maximum flow of treated waste into the municipal sewer system.
  • Limit peak flow rate through ultraviolet sterilizers to ensure 100% bacteria kill.
  • Control flow of carrier water coupon rack in cooling tower, water treatment installations.
  • Chemical dosing flow rate control.

Maric flow controllers are:

  • Tamperproof: Maric valves are non-adjustable, which prevents unwanted system changes.
  • Maintenance free, reliable and self cleaning. As there are no wearing parts, the valves require no maintenance, adjustment or cleaning for their 20+ year life.

Maric Application: Pump Protection


A tamper- resistant method, of protecting centrifugal pumps from running off their curve, is to place a correctly sized Maric flow controller, close to the pump discharge.

Pumps can be damaged on:

  • Any bore, where people can unwittingly open up the bores’ gate valve in an attempt to increase flow.
  • High draw-down bores, – i.e. a relatively high standing water table at start-up, as compared to a much lower level for the normal operating condition. At start-up, these pumps have insufficient head against them.
  • Empty pipe work at start-up, i.e. lack of, or faulty check valve, or where lines on the surface drain empty. It takes time to fill pipes sufficiently to obtain the required head.
  • Over pumping beyond the refill rate, to point of drawing in air or sand, leading to unstable conditions.
  • A burst in pipework, may allow uncontrolled flow and upthrust or cavitation.
  • A pump is required for two separate duties; One tank elevated 50m up a hill, and the other, to feed a dam at the same elevation as the pump. (Without a flow controller here, pump damage may result, due to lack of head.)

Limiting pump peak flow rate can prevent electric motors from overloading.

Mining Sector Saving Big Money

There are various processes within the mining industry that require water flow to be maintained at a constant rate. The valves are commonly used to ensure constant flow to slurry pump glands & cooling water for mechanical seals. Also for; pump protection, dust suppression, liquid ring vacuum pumps, safety showers and eye-washing equipment, fire fighting, process liquid & treated waste flow control. Flow control/check valves also include a non-return feature. Marics’ Clients in this sector include, Alcoa, Sherwin Alumina, BHP and Roxby Downs Uranium. In the case of slurry pumps, the Maric flow control valve will maintain a constant flow of glandwater, irrespective of fluctuating gland water supply pressure, gland condition, or slurry pump discharge pressure. The benefit of using our valves within the Mining Industry is to ensure adequate constant flow rate. This also guarantees glandwater availability in the event of failure of any one or more centrifugal pump glands on a common glandwater supply. Relatively high flows through glands are not of particular concern here, as long as the gland water pump can maintain the supply. Maric Valves control gland water flow rate to three stage slurry pumping facility at Roxby Downs uranium mine South Australia. The Valves also control the flow rate of high octane fuel at a BP Refinery.