EchoPod & Microelectronics Waste Acid Recovery

Flowline EchoPodWaste acid from microfabrication can be problematic for many microelectronics manufacturers. Wet etching is used to etch semiconductor components and is extremely hazardous to the environment. Therefore, spill prevention in this application is critical. If any waste acid were to overflow and enter the environment both OSHA and the EPA could slap the manufacturer with steep fines.

In the past acid waste would simply be disposed of by electronics manufacturers; however, political pressure to reduce toxic chemical emissions into the environment and the cost of disposing these pollutants has become uneconomical. This leaves only one viable option, recovery and reuse. Waste acid is now collected, reprocessed and reused many times over before disposal.

Flowline EchoPodIn this application a major electronics manufacturer collects spent acid in a sump for later processing and reuse. Two Flowline EchoPod DL14’s are used as a redundant back up to prevent any overflow. EchoPod is perfect for this application due to its 4-20 mA output and four programmable relays for switch, pump or valve control and fail-safety. EchoPod also works well in corrosive environments with its type 6P polycarbonate enclosure.


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