GF’s Innovative Refrigeration System for Food Industry

GF Cool-Fit Opportunities in Food Industry Refrigeration Systems

article3_1aIn the global community, businesses are taking active measures to implement sustainability initiatives to enhance efficiency within their operations and minimize their environmental impact. Georg Fischer Piping Systems is committed to innovating product solutions that support compliance to international environmental standards and laws.

In the United States consumer trends are driving the industry towards increased freshness and convenience of food. This is strategically affecting decisions on how the food industry approaches cooling solution strategies through food production, cold storage and commercial refrigeration. Refrigeration selection is being dictated by the following market drivers:

  • article3_2Product Safety / Consumer Safety
  • Environmental issues
  • Interest in improved energy efficiency
  • Government regulations
  • Cost of ownership
  • Strategic differentiation

Environmental impact and high refrigerant service costs are good examples for implementing alternative approaches to traditional supermarket refrigeration. A typical supermarket refrigeration system can contain a charge of between 3,000 to 5,000 pounds of refrigerant. Studies consistently indicate environmental refrigerant leak rates up to 30 percent for older systems and up to 15 percent for newer systems. Leaks also negatively impact profitability of supermarkets due to routine service cleaning intervals and replacement of lost refrigerant.

The GF Cool Fit Advantage

The ideal cooling solution is one that minimizes the amount of refrigerant required, protects the environment by reducing refrigerant leaks and lowers overall cost of ownership. Utilizing GF Cool-Fit products into a secondary loop system design can reduce the volume of refrigerants by 80 percent, enhance safety to employees and customers by removing potential refrigerant leaks at the food storage source, and remove potential for food contamination and provides overall lower cost of operation / maintenance. Secondary cooling system designs offer separation of refrigerant gases from the working area allowing for use of natural refrigerant gases such as ammonia or propane instead of man-made freons.

The GF Cool-Fit product line offers the following advantages in support of your design solutions:

  • Specifically designed to optimize efficiency, installation cost and life span of piping system
  • Comprehensive Global GF support: Design, Specification, Installation, Post sales
  • GF Automation options: AS Interface, Measurement and Control, Jointing technologies
  • Speed of installation / Minimize on site time / Installation Confidence
  • Reduced costs for hanging systems
  • Cool-Fit has the largest installed base of secondary cooling piping systems globally


To learn more about how GF Cool-Fit product solutions can support your design requirements visit or contact a specialist at 1-800-848-1141.