Flowline & Marine Life Science Tank Level Measurement

When a major aquarium and marine life center in Texas needed a reliable way to measure the saltwater level in their Sea Lion exhibit holding tanks, they turned to Flowline. Sea Lions are large, inquisitive mammals that often damage accessible instruments through investigation and play.

As a result, the level sensors used in each holding tank, rank high on their equipment casualty list.  Additionally, saltwater is highly corrosive and scaling. As such, contact sensors corrode or suffer from the effects of material build-up overtime, requiring maintenance and replacement.  For these reasons, we suggested the use of non-contact ultrasonic sensors, installed separate from the animals, in a stand-pipe, located outside and behind each holding tank. The result is reliable life science tank level measurement.

Flowline & Marine Life ScienceHere, an EchoSpan ultrasonic level transmitter is mounted in a clear PVC stand pipe.  The two-wire, 4-20 mA signal output is connected to the PLC for level monitoring and alarms. When the level drops due to evaporation or splashing, the tank is automatically filled with additional saltwater.

If you want more information on how reliable life science tank level measurement can work for you, please call Ryan Herco Flow Solutions at 800-848-1141 and speak with one of our product specialists.