Flowline EchoPulse LR20 Tackles Tough Applications

Solving Acid Waste Transportation Level Measurement

When a North American bulk liquid transportation company needed reliable level measurement of their tanker trailers, they turned to Flowline.  With a services ranging from chemical delivery to pick up and remediation, they have diverse applications and requirements.


Their tankers are Teflon® lined and used to pick up acid wastes including hydrochloric and nitric, which are highly corrosive,

Flowline photo 1b

vaporous and foaming when agitated. The company has successfully deployed Flowline ultrasonic sensors in other applications, but not here, due to the presence of vapor and foam. For this reason, Flowline suggested the use of EchoPulse pulse radar sensors which are unaffected by the conditions present in the tankers.  The result is reliable acid waste level measurement.

Here, an EchoPulse radar level transmitter is flange mounted on top of the tanker trailer.  Flowline photo 2The rugged PTFE antenna shield protects the sensor for lasting, reliable service when exposed to corrosive media. The 4-20 mA signal is connected to the tank level indicator (see photo below), where the operator monitors it throughout the day.Flowline photo 3







For more information on how reliable acid waste level measurement can work for you please call our Ryan Herco Flow Solutions expert sales assistants at 800-848-1141.