Cooling Tower Sump Level Measurement

When a Major North American auto manufacturer needed reliable level measurement of their cooling tower sumps, they turned to RHFS and Flowline. The reclamation, cooling and treatment of process water is critical to their manufacturing operations, and previous float level sensors were unreliable due to corrosion, scaling, and to a lesser extent, agitation.

For this reason, we suggested the use of our Flowline non-contact ultrasonic sensors with rugged PVDF transducers and PP enclosures. Additionally, it was suggested that the sensors be mounted in a stand-pipe so as to dampen any surface agitation at the point of sensing. The result is reliable sump level measurement.


EcoTouch ultrasonic level measurement can handle tough applications.

Here, a Flowline EchoTouch ultrasonic level transmitter is mounted on a 2″ stand-pipe, which is bracket mounted to the side wall of each sump. The IP65 sensor was easily configured using the internal push button display module. The two-wire 4-20 mA signal is connected to the PLC for level monitoring with high and low level alarms.

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