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Ryan Herco designs and builds systems for chemical feed, pH neutralization and water & wastewater treatment. Our systems are custom built to your specific needs. Our application engineers will help you determine the right system and work with you to design and price the equipment needed for your system. Click here to view the full line of systems that Ryan Herco can provide you.

Chemical Feed Systems

Chemcial Feed

pH Adjustment Systems

pH Adjustment

Wastewater Systems


Chemical Feed Systems

Chemical Feed Systems, whether skid-mounted or wall mounted, are designed to feed one or more chemicals into a waste water treatment system. By combining a dosing pump with measurement instrumentation, it allows chemicals, such as inhibitors, dispersants, oxidants and pH control chemicals, to be fed at the proper rate.

Ryan Herco combines instruments measuring parameters such as flow, pH/ORP, conductivity, chlorine residual or specific ions with chemical dosing pumps in order to adjust to a setpoint. Systems for chemical feed may be assembled in the field from components or built onto a self contained skid. Contact Ryan Herco today to learn more.

pH Adjustment Systems

Ryan Herco manufactures pH measurement systems and adjustment systems for use in both process and wastewater treatment applications. Systems can be designed to operate either in a batch mode or in a continuous mode. We also upgrade, retrofit and modify existing systems.

pH is the measurement of the hydrogen ions present in a sample of water and is measured on a scale from 0 to 14. Adjustment of pH values may be achieved through the use of a measurement probe, a signal boosting pre-amplifier and a digital controller. The controller may be programmed to signal a chemical dosing pump to add chemicals to the process fluid in order to move the pH value toward a desired setpoint. RHFS offers all of this equipment as individual components or assembled into a compact, skid-mounted system.

The most common application for pH adjustment systems is to move the pH of wastewater to a neutral value so that the wastewater will be within limits set by a publicly owned treatment works or a discharge permit. RHFS builds systems that adjust pH either in a batch mode or a continuous mode. Contact Ryan Herco today to learn more.

Wastewater Systems

RHFS specializes in industrial wastewater treatment systems that are self-contained and can be simply integrated into an overall treatment protocol. Most of our systems begin with the measurement of a wastewater parameter such as flow, pH/ORP, turbidity, chlorine residual or conductivity. These parameters are converted to control signals that automatically operate chemical dosing pumps, filters or control valves.

Industrial Treatment Methods

Wastewater treatment systems employ both physical and chemical methods to bring wastewater into compliance. These methods include:

  • Solids filtration
  • Particulate flocculation with gravity separation
  • Floatation
  • pH adjustment
  • Water disinfection

Industrial vs. Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment from municipal sources is generally large scale and include biological treatment methods and digestion of the residuals. Industrial wastewater treatment systems are generally more compact and make greater use of chemical addition and particulate filtration.

RHFS sells the components needed to construct a wastewater measurement and control system in the field. These include tanks, analytical instrumentation, filters, valves, level controls, metering pumps, skids and system enclosures.

We also build self-contained systems that can be dropped into place and started up with simple connections for inlet, outlet and power. Contact our application engineers for equipment selection and quotations.

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