Walchem Webmaster

Is the wiring the same for all sensor inputs on the Webmaster?+

When wiring direct sensors into the Webmaster, remember that the wiring for sensor inputs 2, 3 and 4 (sensor input cards) is different than wiring for sensor input 1 (main board). The color-coding is the same (white/green to T-, Green to T+, etc.) but the alignment for sensor input 1 is reversed.

Sensor Input 2 3 and 4Sensor Input 1

Can I connect my WebMaster to the internet using DSL or Cable?+

You cannot connect the WebMaster directly to a DSL or cable modem directly. You can, however, connectusing a router. The ISP has to assign an IP address to the controller in order for you to view it over the internet

What is DHCP? How does my WebMaster benefit from it?+

DHCP is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It's a protocol used by networked computers that automates the assignment of IP addresses, subnet masks, default routers, and other parameters. The WebMasterONE controllers now have this protocol. This allows you to plug the WebMaster directly into a LAN, and have the IP address assigned automatically, without having to refer to an IT administrator.

How safe is the WebMaster from hacking?+

In order to access your WebMaster, someone would need to have a valid user name and password to use our utility, know the phone number for the controller, and also know the access codes for the controller. Using our ShoulderTap feature, the WebMaster is only on the Internet when you tell it to go there and the IP address for the controller changes every time it gets on. In addition, the WebMaster is not a PC, so it is unlikely that someone could hack into it through a LAN, or conversely, use a WebMaster to get into the LAN. You can also connect the WebMaster outside of the firewall. There are many options available for a safe installation. We can provide a diagram that shows these options, which is useful to show your customer's IT administrator. Unauthorized access is extremely unlikely!

Can I network WebMasters together?+

By utilizing the Ethernet feature and purchasing Master capability, you are able to connect to the master controller and then access up to 15 slave devices installed on the same Ethernet network.

What are the minimum requirements for my PC to communicate with the WebMaster?+

You need to have a computer with enough speed and RAM to comfortably surf the Internet. We recommend a processor speed of 100 MHz and 40 MB RAM. The operating system must be Microsoft Windows. The browser software needs to be Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or above.

How does the WebMaster get onto the Internet?+

Local Area Network: You may connect your WebMaster to a LAN (Local Area Network) by utilizing the Ethernet option installed on the WebMaster. On the Communications page, you will need to enter the Ethernet IP Address, Ethernet IP Network, and Ethernet Gateway. By giving the WebMaster a "real" IP Address, it can be accessed on the Internet. If it is a "fake" IP Address, the WebMaster will only be accessible to people on the LAN.

Shoulder Tap: You may connect to the WebMaster using our ShoulderTap feature. This method enables the WebMaster to get on the Internet only when necessary. Called the ICOD (Internet Connectivity on Demand), the user can bring it on to the Internet when he wants to connect to the controller to view data, download data, or change settings. It also enables the WebMaster to initiate a connection to the Internet when it needs to send an email alarm or datalog.

To use this feature you will need to complete the fields for: Controller ISP User Name Controller ISP Password ISP Primary Phone Number ISP Secondary Phone Number Controller Phone Number and SMTP IP Address. If it is necessary for the WebMaster to dial a "9" or another number to access an outside line be sure to enter that in the ISP Phone Number fields (9 08 60 92 20 00).

To initiate a connection you visit www.walchem.com and click on "ShoulderTap Your WebMaster" on the home page. You will come to a page where you need to enter "webmaster" for user name and "2001" for password. That will bring you to a connection utility where you enter the phone number of the specific WebMaster you want to connect to. After you enter the phone number and click on "Connect" our server will call the WebMaster let it ring one time and hang up. That's the signal for the WebMaster to dial the ISP and connect to the Internet. Once the WebMaster is connected to the Internet our server will connect you.

Will I need to put proprietary software on my computer in order to communicate with the WebMaster?+

No. All you need is your web browser, Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. Everything you need resides on the WebMaster itself. As such, you can access a unit from literally anywhere in the world where you have Internet access.

How will I be informed of software upgrades to the WebMaster?+

No problem, every time you access your WebMaster over the Internet it checks to see if a software upgrade is available. If one is, a menu selection for software upgrade is highlighted. You can immediately perform the upgrade, or read what the upgrade includes to see if you really need it. The choice is yours. If you do perform the upgrade, the WebMaster suspends it functions until the upgrade is complete. All you need to do is reset the system and you are back in business because your settings are never lost.

What happens if I forget my access code? +

If you are at the WebMasterхи installation location, you can press certain keys to show you the access code. Access is as secure as the controller's location. The enclosure can be pad locked for additional security.

In the future, I will want to utilize more of the features available with a WebMaster. Can I add features or options in the field? +

Yes. The WebMaster was designed with modularity in mind. Additional sensor boards can be easily added in the field. The 4-20 mA inputs and outputs and the digital inputs are also plug-in circuit boards. Even the modem and Ethernet options are plug-ins. Once installed, your WebMaster will recognize that they are present and you will see them listed on the menu, all that's left is for you to program.

I have one or more WebMasters on a LAN. How can I make them accessible outside the LAN's firewall? +

You can connect multiple WebMasters to the Internet using NAT, or Network Address Translation. The basic purpose of NAT is to multiplex traffic from the internal network and present it to the Internet as if it was coming from a single computer having only one IP address. It also gives you greater flexibility, as you can assign private or 'fake' IP addresses to the controllers, accessible only to the LAN, then pass it to a 'real' IP address accessible from outside the LAN.

Can I program my controller from the keypad?+

Although there are some functions than can be controlled from the keypad, the majority of the setup and programming is done from the computer. What you can do from the keypad is calibrate the sensor and optional 4-20mA inputs, forces relays on or off, change access codes and enter necessary information for communicating with the WebMaster via Ethernet connection (if the Ethernet card is installed) or via modem over the Internet (if the modem card is installed). Some models allow you to change set points but not change the control mode. The initial setup requires a PC.

I can't see live data when I view my WebMaster web pages.+

Delete cache from the browser:
Click 'Tools' from the Internet Explorer menu bar
Click 'Internet Options'
Click the 'General' tab
Click the 'Delete files' button in the 'Temporary Internet files' section
If you still have a problem, repeat the steps above and restart the computer.

Clear the Java Plug-in cache:
Click Start> Settings>Control Panel
Double-click the Java Plug-in icon in the control panel
The Java Plug-in Control Panel appears
Click the 'Cache' tab
Click 'Clear', a confirmation dialog box appears.
Click 'Yes' to confirm
Click 'Apply'

If it still fails to display, you need to download the latest version of Java (www.java.com). Go to the yellow 'Download Now' button on the top right and follow instructions!

What types of flowmeters can I connect to the Webmaster?+

Q: What types of flowmeters can I connect to the Webmaster?
WebMaster comes standard with 3 digital inputs. In addition you can purchase a digital input card to provide an additional 6 inputs and an analog card to provide 8 analog (4-20 mA) inputs. You can connect the following flow meters to the digital inputs:

Contacting flow meter: Low frequency (10Hz) maximum) contacting head water meter. These are generally reed switch sensors that give one dry contact closure every gallon or more of volume through the meter. A sensor of this type must be connected to digital input A B C or 1-4 on the optional digital input card.

Paddlewheel flow meter: High frequency (10-300 Hz) Hall effect style flow meter. The input is not compatible with flow sensors that generate their own sine wave. A sensor of this type must be connected to digital input A B C or 5-6.

Is there factory installed surge protection across the AC input?+

The WebMaster has 2 layers of protection from surges. It exceeds the most stringent requirements for this type of protection as required by standard EN 61326 for CE certification. However, it is recommended than an external surge protector is installed in areas prone to voltage surges or lightening strikes.

How do I control a relay to be ON" when a DI is open/closed?"+

Set up the relay to be On/Off Setpoint control mode.

Assign any sensor input or analog input to the relay.

Assign a set point value that can never be achieved so the relay will be constantly on. For example, if you've assigned a conductivity sensor to the relay and you know the conductivity will never exceed 2000, make the set point 9000. Then make sure that the output time limit is set to 0.

Set up the DI as an Interlock type.

Select the relay to be interlocked when the switch connected to the DI is the in the state for the relay to be off.

For a relay, how do I reset an Output Timeout?+

Log in to the WebMaster with your computer. Go to the Relay page (where the Timeout is) and click on the Reset Timeout button.If you don't have a computer, then cycle the power to the controller.

My USB Stick has U3 drive, how do I uninstall this drive?+

Most U3 smart drives come with an uninstall utility that converts the U3 smart drive into a regular USB flash drive. This utility can be accessed from the U3 Launchpad. Open the U3 Launchpad and click on Settings, then select U3 Launchpad Settings and click on the Uninstall tab. Some devices have a link to the Uninstall utility under Help and Support.

What's a quick way to determine if a terminal on the Analog Inout (AI) card is faulty?+

Using a multimeter, measure the resistance between the AI negative terminal (for example AI_1 - ) and the ground terminal at the top of the AI card (make sure the ground screw is threaded all the way in before you do this test). You should measure 25 ohms resistance, otherwise this input is not good.

Do I need to set up an ISP account in my WM One if I just want the controller to call out to a pager when an alarm occurs?+

No, you do not need an ISP account for this you only need a telephone line connected to the WM One.

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