SPXFLOW Process Solutions

Ryan Herco and SPXFLOW Team Up!

Ryan Herco Flow Solutions is proud to partner with SPXFLOW, a global supplier of highly specialized, engineered solutions serving the food and beverage, power and energy and industrial market segments.

We are proud to represent a product line that will benefit your company with productivity improvements, cost-savings, innovation and new products. Our product portfolio of pumps, valves, mixers, and innovative solutions plays a critical role in food and beverage, biopharmaceutical and chemical processing.


Broad Stainless Steel Product Offering

Waukesha Cherry Burrell manufactures a complete line of positive displacement and centrifugal pumps, dispersion equipment, single and double-seated valves, along with fittings and heat exchangers. RHFS and SPXFLOW are dedicated to raising productivity, product quality, and profitability for their equipment and systems customers. From this dedication has come advancements in equipment development and applications; advancements that have changed the way food process and biopharmaceutical designers solve problems.


SPXFLOW Positive Displacement & Centrifugal Pumps

SPXFLOW is the leader in the design, manufacture and application of external circumferential piston (ECP) style, and rotary positive displacement (PD) pumps. These pumps are in service around the world in food, dairy, canning, bakery, beverage and pharmaceutical processing, as well as challenging chemical and industrial applications.

Users of the SPXFLOW pumps benefit from decades of continuing product improvement. Steady advances in design, metallurgy and fabrication techniques have yielded progressively higher levels of performance and service life. The Universal III Series PD pump is the latest expression of this tradition.  They combine three-way mounting versatility introduced by the Universal I, with new features that extend pump life and improve sanitary performance from the Universal II.  This PD pump is available in clean-in-place (CIP-able) configurations.

Additionally, designed for heavy-duty, high-efficiency applications, the 200 Series centrifugal pump provides exceptional corrosion resistance. The impeller and shaft are one piece, which connects directly to the motor shaft, eliminating problems such as vibration, short bearing life, high NPSH requirements, high seal maintenance, poor alignment and adverse operating conditions. Available models include aseptic, multistage, self-priming (liquid ring), all machined wet end, high pressure and metric sizes.


SPXFLOW Mix Proof Valves

SPXFLOW mix proof valves are the ultimate in easy cleaning, high pressure, and low maintenance design.  The W70 offers an economical solution to a wide variety of mix-proof processing applications, especially for clean-in-place applications.  Flow of two different media through the same valve simultaneously, without the potential for mixing, provides increased operating efficiencies and cost savings.  Minimize process losses, avoid cross contamination, and simplify your CIP process piping.


SPXFLOW Sanitary Control Valves

SPXFLOW single-seat valves are commonly used for flow diversion, throttling, shut-off, and pressure relief applications.  With a simplified design over traditional sanitary valves, the SPXFLOW single-seat valves offer an easier cleaning and maintenance solution.


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