Sensor Selection

What are NPT and G mounting threads and where are they used?+

NPT (National Pipe Threads) are the American standard tapered threads applied throughout North America, South America and parts of Asia. G (metric) ISO threads are the European standard straight threads applied throughout Europe and parts of Asia. G thread products come with a Vitonхи gasket for compression seal against the wrench flat.

What are the standard and custom sensor cable lengths? +

The standard product cable length is 10' (3m). Custom cable lengths are offered in 25' (7.6m) or 50' (15.2m) increments via special order.

How do I select the best sensor range for optimum performance?+

In most applications, select a sensor range that matches the tank height. In more challenging applications with substantial foam, vapor and/or turbulence, select a sensor range that is double the tank height.

What are the sensor materials of construction? +

The electronic enclosures are fire retardant polycarbonate. The cables are polypropylene and the transducers are PVDF Kynarхи. The gasket used only on the G thread product is Vitonхи.

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