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Iwaki Walchem Fluid Handling Products

Iwaki Walchem Has a Solution for You

The dynamic combination of Iwaki America and Walchem Corp. has created a fluid pumping and fluid measurement product portfolio second to none. Together, Iwaki America and Walchem provide advanced solutions that deliver reliable performance to the global water treatment and chemical dispensing marketplace.

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Iwaki Walchem: Advanced Fluid Handling

Iwaki America’s focus is innovative, efficient solutions to a vast range of fluid handling and dispensing challenges.

Their magnetic drive pump line extends from small pumps for aggressive laboratory fluid systems to large pumps capable thousands of gallon per minute. These pumps feature fluoroplastic materials to prevent corrosion with even the most aggressive fluid. The magnetic drive provides for zero leakage capability and their run-dry technology can prevent pump damage in the most extreme circumstances.

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Iwaki cutting-edge AODD pumps handle the most challenging and difficult fluid transfer applications. Applications include filling, transferring, batching and dispensing within the chemical, mining, paints, industrial wastewater treatment, and pulp & paper industries. Iwaki AODD pumps are available in multiple corrosion resistant materials to solve a wide range of application demands in sizes from ¼” to 3”.

Iwaki’s wide range of metering pumps will satisfy the most rigorous chemical feed requirements. The quality and performance of these pumps have been proven with over 50 years of experience. Hydraulically-backed diaphragm pumps can withstand tough conditions in process applications; mechanically-driven diaphragm metering pumps are available for general purpose, and electromagnetic metering pumps with excellent controllability and accuracy fit smaller applications.

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Extensive Fluid Measurement

While Iwaki America solves difficult fluid transport challenges, Walchem has developed and engineered an extensive array of fluid measurement and control solutions. Focused primarily on water treatment applications, Walchem analytical sensing and control capabilities include the basic parameters of Conductivity, pH and ORP as well as many advanced disinfection requirements such as free chlorine/bromine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, peracetic acid and more.

Control systems feature optional analog and digital inputs for further parameters such as level and flow measurement. Programming is easily accomplished via incorporated menu driven displays or attached PCs. Internet integration is standard on many models offering remote display and control capabilities from virtually anywhere on the globe.

Seamless Integration of Fluid Measurement and Pump Control

Walchem fluid measurement and control systems are specifically designed to integrate effortlessly with Iwaki America’s extensive pumping solutions to provide our customers with the best and most effective solutions for all their fluid transport and measurement requirements.

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