• Fuseal Polypropylene (PP) Corrosive Waste Piping System

Fuseal PP Corrosive Waste Piping System

fuseal piping systemFuseal® — Easy and Reliable Solution for Corrosive Waste Piping Systems

The Fuseal flame retardant polypropylene acid waste piping system is a complete system providing excellent chemical and physical properties. Ideally suited for handling corrosive chemical waste solutions present in laboratory, industrial or food and beverage DWV applications, Fuseal is an economical alternative to other piping systems by combining a low upfront installation cost with maintenance free service. Ryan Herco Flow Solutions has a complete inventory of GF Fuseal pipe and fittings available for immediate shipment.

Excellent Corrosion, Chemical & Environmental Resistance

Fuseal is highly resistant to the corrosive actions of alkalies, alcohols, acids, solvents and salt solutions. Dilute mineral acids and aqueous solutions of acid salts, which are so destructive to most metals, have no effect on a Fuseal piping system. Fuseal will not rust, pit, scale, corrode or be affected by electrolysis. In general, GF Fuseal is attacked only by strong oxidizing acids and weakened by certain organic solvents and chlorinated hydrocarbons. In above ground installations, the pigmentation protects the system from sunlight. The pigmentation is highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation and is heat-stabilized to provide long life while handling hot reagents. Additional technical data can be found here.




A Complete Solution 

Fuseal is stocked in RHFS Service Centers in a variety of common sizes. Fittings are available in 1-1/2" through 6" in electro-fusion, 1-1/2" through 4" in mechanical joint, and 8", 10", and 12" in Fuseal LD (Large Diameter). Flame Retardant Polypropylene Schedule 40 Pipe (bluish in color) is available in 1-1/2" through 8", Non-Flame Retardant Polypropylene Schedule 40 Pipe (black in color) is available in 1-1/2" through 12" and Non-Flame Retardant Polypropylene Schedule 80 Pipe (black in color) is available in 1-1/2" through 12".

To ensure you are completely protected, GF Fuseal can be combined with the unique GF Contain-It Double Containment Piping System. Utilizing split fittings and pipe, the clear PVC containment system can be installed even after your Fuseal system is installed and tested.

Easy Installation

Fuseal piping systems are assembled using either Fuseal Fusion collars or mechanical joints to make fast, leak-proof joints. The Fusion collars have been improved to provide the same high-quality joint in less time. Utilizing the MSA 250SE or MSA 250EX Fusion Control Units, contractors can quickly assemble systems by scanning a barcode containing all required fusion parameters specific to each fitting. In addition, the MSA 250 can fuse multiple joints at time. Fuseal gives you the ability to dry fit your entire system prior to fusion!

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