High Purity Valves


Since 1988, GEMU has been an industry leader in the production of high purity valves, measurement and control systems. Our dedication to quality has earned us many loyal customers in the semiconductor industry.

GEMU high purity products are developed and produced specifically for use in process equipment, ultra pure water and chemical manufacturing and distribution systems – as well as for microchip production. They are produced today under the strictest cleanroom conditions at our manufacturing site in Switzerland.


UP PFA valves, measurement and control systems, accessories


A product range including PVDF-HP and PP-HP diaphragm valves as well as PVDF-HP flowmeters


KITZ SCT’s PFA diaphragm valves were developed to meet the cleanliness and high-reliability standards needed in today’s ultrapure water, semiconductor and LCD production facilities. Contact Ryan Herco today to learn more about the KITZ SCT line of high performance PFA diaphragm valves.

Nippon Pillar

Nippon Pillar valves are constructed with wetted parts of new PFA and PTFE Teflon, suitable for use in high purity and highly corrosive chemical handling applications. Constructed with Super 300 fitting connections, these valves integrate easily into your new or existing process. Contact Ryan Herco for more information on Nippon Pillar high purity valves.

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