High Purity Tubing & Tube Fittings


For over 40 years Zeus has led the industry in the extrusion of precision Teflon tubing. Since the 1960s we have been recognized as a pioneer in the polymer tubing industry.

Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont and refers to three fluoropolymer plastic resins: PFA, FEP, and PTFE. These three plastics share common properties such as lubricity, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and more. There are slight mechanical differences that make each tube uniquely suited for different applications. Contact Ryan Herco today for more information on Zeus Teflon tubing or click here to see Ryan Herco's additional offerings of high purity teflon tubing.


Since 1988, GEMU has been an industry leader in the production of high purity valves, measurement and control systems. Our dedication to quality has earned us many loyal customers in the semiconductor industry.

GEMU high purity products are developed and produced specifically for use in process equipment, ultra pure water and chemical manufacturing and distribution systems – as well as for microchip production. They are produced today under the strictest cleanroom conditions at our manufacturing site in Switzerland.


UP PFA valves, measurement and control systems, accessories


A product range including PVDF-HP and PP-HP diaphragm valves as well as PVDF-HP flowmeters.

Nippon Pillar

“The World’s most reliable fittings”

Features of the S-300 fitting system include:

  • Unique seal configuration
  • Easy tightening
  • Unrestricted flow
  • Compact body design
  • Reduction of torque
  • Higher temperature / pressure reliability
  • High-purity systems maintained

For more information on the S-300 line of high purity fittings contact Ryan Herco today or click here for the Super 300 catalog and Super 300 Instruction Manual.

e-Form / e-Fuse

e-Form is an EMI patented process to create highly repeatable, consistent bends in fluoropolymer tubing that will not lose shape. e-Fuse is a process that can produce PFA tube assemblies that use less space, less assembly time and cost less than traditional joining methods. For applications where high purity is key, e-Fuse Beadless Weld Technology (BWT produces seamless welds in PFA tubing and fittings.


KITZ SCT is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and sales of advanced flow control components of semiconductor production processes. The proprietary techniques that make KITZ SCT high-purity systems and products preferred also make them cost-effective for various front-end applications across the fab. Contact an RHFS sales professional to learn more about the KITZ family of products and how they can help you.

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