• Ryan Herco Flow Solutions Products Acquired by Company Management Group

Ryan Herco Flow Solutions Products Acquired by Company Management Group

BURBANK, CA – Ryan Herco Flow Solutions has transitioned its’ ownership to a group of its executive management team, comprised of Frank Gibbs, Larry King, Joe Nassar, and Randy Beckwith, effective May 28, 2004. The company was purchased from long-time owners Brian Bowman and Terry O’Brien, who have provided innovative leadership to the company for over 40 years.

Ryan Herco Flow Solutions is a leading national distributor of fluid handling products for clean and corrosive industrial applications. Headquartered in Burbank, California, the company has 22 locations located in major manufacturing areas throughout the U.S. Ryan Herco Flow Solutions shared with NBC the Burbank Chamber of Commerce “Outstanding Corporation of the Year 2000.” The executive team leading the company consists of: Frank Gibbs (President), Larry King (VP of Marketing), Joe Nassar (VP of Finance and Operations), and Randy Beckwith (VP of Sales).

Speaking about the change in ownership, Frank Gibbs stated “The management group, having the benefit of learning the ropes of the distribution business from Brian and Terry over many years, looks forward with confidence to a smooth transition.”

Brian Bowman and Terry O’Brien will be retiring from the distribution business to pursue their many other interests. Bowman, a long time resident of Burbank, has been active in the community through various service organizations and has also served on numerous local boards and commissions. O’Brien, an avid outdoorsman who loves to fish, divides his time between Burbank and the beach community of Ventura.

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