Georg Fischer Announces New Level Control Line-up

New Ultrasonic Sensing Instrumentation Offers Precise Level Measurement in Virtually Any Liquid

GF Piping Systems has introduced a comprehensive new level sensing instrumentation product line that includes ultrasonic level transmitters, sensors, and a variety of switches. The new product line-up was developed in response to customer demand following the proven performance of the company’s existing Submersible Hydrostatic Level Sensors and Transmitters.

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Renner Pumps Provide Reliability and Longevity in Harsh Applications

For wet processes, pumps play a crucial role in any system. The entire process either stands or falls with the functionality and reliability of the pump. No one knows this better than RHFS and Renner, because this is our area of expertise.

Renner pumps are a reliable partner when it comes to finding solutions for an optimized method of conveying liquids from “A”, like alkalis, to “Z”, like zinc sulfate and most everything in between. They support almost all processes in which liquids, with viscosity’s of up to 160 cps, need to be transferred, sprayed or circulated.

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