How to Vent a Liquid-Filled Gauge

Wika Liquid Filled Pressure GaugeWika Liquid Filled Pressure GaugeLiquid-filled pressure gauges offer exceptional protection from vibration and shock and are the preferred choice in most high physical stress process environments. When selecting and installing liquid-filled pressure gauges, it’s important to keep a few facts in mind. First, make sure the gauge is filled with the appropriate liquid for the application.

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Wika Rugged Hydraulic Pressure Gauges

Hydraulic Systems Require A Rugged Liquid-Filled Hydraulic Gauge

article3_1Challenging operating conditions call for innovative solutions, and WIKA’s “hydraulic gauge” has been designed from the ground up to handle the most adverse service conditions. This rugged, fluid-filled gauge has a solid forged-brass case and socket, and has been reinforced to withstand extremely high vibration environments. The hydraulic gauge is also highly shock-resistant and can measure pressure ranges up to 15,000 psi.
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